100% recycling parks attached to centralized management

In order to harmonize the packaging sorting instructions in Luxembourg’s recycling centers, and to put together the material flow, Valorlux has the obligation through its accreditation to implement centralized management of packaging.

Today all recycling centers have joined the centralized management of PMC + *. Concretely this means that during the second semester of 2015 all the recycling centers of the country will have the same sorting instructions. Moreover, Valorlux will take care to gather all the packaging collected for recycling.

In April 2014, has been added to this obligation, the commitment to establish a centralized glass management. End of May 2015, 80% of the population was covered by this centralized management of the glass.

* PMC +:

  • colored PET Bottles
  • colorless PET Bottles
  • HDPE Bottles & flasks
  • PE Films
  • EPS (Styrofoam ®) white and unsoiled
  • Cups and pots PP / PS
  • trays and blister PP / PS / PET
  • Metal boxes
  • Aluminium Packaging
  • Beverage cartons