Drop your yoghurt pots, trays and plastic films in the RE-box recycling station!

Valorlux established on the car parks of 15 super / hypermarkets, RE-box collecting stations where consumers can deposit, among other packagings, their yoghurt pots and plastic films. This project aims to promote the recycling of certain plastics packaging still too often thrown in the gray bin.

You can put:



These stations are available 7/7 days and 24/24 hours on the car parks of following  super / hypermarkets:

  • Alzingen : Delhaize
  • Bertrange: Cora
  • Bertrange: Delhaize
  • Capellen: Match
  • Foetz: Cora
  • Grevenmacher : Copal-Match
  • Mersch: Match
  • Mertert : Copal-Match
  • Niederanven : Match
  • Oberpallen: Pall Center
  • Pommerloch : Delhaize
  • Redange: Cactus
  • Schmiede: Delhaize
  • Wemperhardt: Shopping Center Massen
  • Windhof : Cactus

Customers have the possibility to drop various plastic packaging for recycling while doing their shopping. These packages will be dispatchet to local operators and will join the recycling circuit set up by VALORLUX.

This national character project was developed in collaboration with the Environment Administration. With the new collection stations “RE-box” Valorlux hopes to bring an additional element of response to the sustainable management of household packaging waste.