Sorting manual

The quality of recycling depends very much on the quality of sorting, which is done in advance by consumers. Only PMC packaging may be disposed in the blue bags (bottles and flacons made of Plastic as well as Metal waste and beverage Cartons). In the green bag you can also put plastic films and bags.

The citizens can ask the Valorlux bags for free at their municipality.


Plastic Bottles and Containers (PET and PEHD)


Bottles and containers made of transparent PET and PEHD (up to 5 litres) for:

Drinks, washing-up liquids, cleaning products, shampoo, other products for body care, washing machine and bleaching products, fabric softeners and distilled water containers




  • Transparent PET dishes for pastries, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • PS and PP Containers for yoghurt, eggs, margarine, white cheese, products for body care, coffee cups, flower pots, etc.
  • PEHD and PELD plastic films all kinds of bags in all sizes, plastic films, packaging films
  • Polystyrene® :meat-tubs, isolation and packaging material, packaging chips

Metal packaging (aluminium and tin plate)


  • Tins and cans,
  • Aluminium trays,
  • Dishes and tubs for ready-to-eat meals or for pet food,
  • Bottle caps,
  • Tin lids,
  • Containers (up to 5 litres) for food oil, syrup, candies, biscuits, etc.


  • Aluminium foil

Beverage cartons


  • All sized drink cartons for milk, juice, cream, tomato purée, sauces, soups, etc.

Other objects and packaging material


  • Glass
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Objects that aren’t packaging
  • Syringes
  • Packaging for dangerous or toxic products: e.g. batteries, bottle with the death’s head sign

Green bag

If you’ve got the green bag in your city, you can put plastic films and bags in it.
Are concerned the cities of Betzdorf, Biwer, Echternach, Flaxweiler, Grevenmacher, Lenningen, Manternach, Mertert, Mompach, Remich, Rosport, Stadtbredimus & Wormeldange as well as the cities of the SICA (Bertrange, Garnich, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Mamer, Septfontaines & Steinfort).