A service packaging is defined as “any primary or secondary packaging, used at the point of disposition of goods and services made available to consumers”.

Their main feature is that they are filled or produced to be filled at the point of sale.

Examples: Bread bags, pizza boxes, bags for fruits and vegetables, wrapping paper for meats, plastic trays for bakery, containers used in vending machines (disposable cups), sheets of paper to pack flowers or wrap gifts, bags handed at the check-out…

 What changes with the law?

Before March 30 2017, the party responsible for service packaging was any person or entity that packaged products or made them packaged in Luxemburg in order to sale them.

After March 30 2017, the party responsible for service packaging is any person or entity that produces service packaging in Luxembourg as well as any person or entity that imports service packaging to bring it on the Luxembourgian market.

By being a member of Valorlux, the Responsible for service packaging will assign all of the following tasks to Valorlux:

  • register at the Administration of the environmental department;
  • reach the given recycling rates imposed by the Grand Ducal order;
  • transmit detailed information to the administration of the environmental department regarding the features of the packaging produced and the quantity placed on the Luxembourgish market as well as the quantity of packaging waste recycled;
  • inform customers and make them understand the possibilities of waste prevention on the one hand and the possibilities of returning, collecting and valorising waste after disposal on the other hand.