The companies responsible for bringing product packaging on the market have to individually fulfil their legal obligations according to the packaging produced or they can transfer their duties to a certified organisation such as Valorlux asbl. Becoming a member at Valorlux stands for being part of the overall system of waste collection, separation as well as recycling of packaging waste in Luxembourg. Consequently, the companies can easily pass on their legal obligations at lower cost as if they had to fulfil these themselves. In 2018 Valorlux had 1,070 members. Access to the member list


Legal obligations

All those responsible have to:

  • Register at the administration of the environmental department
  • Reach the given recycling rates imposed by the Grand Ducal order
  • Transmit detailed information to the administration of the environmental department regarding the features of the packaging produced and the quantity placed on the Luxembourgish market as well as the quantity of packaging waste recycled/valorised;
  • Inform customers and make them understand the possibilities of waste prevention on the one hand and the possibilities of returning, collecting and valorising waste after disposal on the other hand.

Being a member of Valorlux will assign all of these tasks to Valorlux.

Membership contract

The Valorlux membership contract covers all household packaging and others which are placed on the Luxembourgish market. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The adhesion of Valorlux is retroactively effective as of January 1, 1999, when the Grand Ducal order came into force or from the date on when the first specific packaging was put on the market. Moreover, all new members are obliged to pay an entry fee equivalent to a quarter of the amount of their first report. This is to range new member with those members of Valorlux before the Grand Ducal order out of solidarity as without their funding any initiative would have been possible in the first place. The membership of a company only becomes effective after Valorlux has received the signed membership contract as well as the first report on packaging that was put on the market. Required steps:

  • Contact Valorlux’ marketing service to request a membership contract in duplicate as well as the corporate identification form;
  • Return the correctly filled in and signed contract in duplicate and the identification form per post to Valorlux;
  • Declare the first packaging that was put on the Luxembourgish market.

Every company wanting to become a member has to send their request either by e-mail ( or per post to Valorlux a.s.b.l. 22, rue de l’Industrie – L-8399 Windhof.

The “Green Dot” – Icon for your membership

Companies who are members of Valorlux may use the logo “Green Dot” on their packaging distributed in the Grand Duchy. Any question? Contact Valorlux at +352 – 37 00 06-21 or by e-mail at



Annual contribution encompasses total household packaging a company has placed on the Luxembourgish market. Packaging which is exported does not need to be reported to Valorlux. After the signature date on the contract, new members have 30 days to fill in their first report on their packaging. To declare their correct packaging, new members must regard the following information:

  • Non-household packaging is excluded from the reporting system of Valorlux;
  • Luxembourgish suppliers are excluded as they are responsible to report themselves;
  • Other members of Valorlux of all subcontractors are excluded because they are responsible for filing their own reports;
  • Other foreign suppliers or contractors can be asked to join Valorlux themselves.
  • At the end of every year members must file a report not later than February 28 of the following year declaring all the packaging placed on the market.

The Green Dot fee

€/kg (VAT excl.) Code Tarif 2017 2018 2019
Glass (bottles and jars) 001 0.0142 0.0133 0.0127
Paper / cardboard 002 0.0288 0.0275 0.0366
Steel 003 0.0441 0.0321 0.0215
Aluminium 004 0.0986 0.0400 0.0294
PET bottles 005 0.3703 0.3783 0.3609
PVC bottles 006
HDPE bottles and containers 007 0.3703 0.3783 0.3609
Beverage cartons 008 0.2835 0.2708 0.3201
Other recoverable products 009 0.4296 0.4388 0.5816
Other non recoverable products 010 0.4725 0.4827 0.5816
Paper / cardboard (commercial materials) 102 0.0145 0.0145 0.0145
Wood (commercial materials) 106 0.0145 0.0145 0,0145
Other materials (commercial materials) 109 0.0395 0.0395 0.0395

The green dot fee is in Euro per kg of the different packaging materials (zero-rated for VAT). The membership fee contains among other things the economic cost for collecting, sorting and valorising packaging waste. The charges are reviewed on an annual basis to keep up with the development on the market and the costs for waste collection and separation.

The Invoicing

 To meet its cash requirement, Valorlux works on the basis of advance payment that can be adjusted according to the actual payable fees.

  • Advance payment: the fee payable for year N is based on the data of the packaging placed on the market in the previous year (N-1).
  • Regularization: the fee will be adjusted in the beginning of the following year (N+1) on the basis of the actual sales of the year under consideration.

The minimum fee amounts to 30 €. Any question? Contact Valorlux at +352 37 00 06-30 or by e-mail at