Meet Claude Turping, new Managing Director of Valorlux

What was your professional background before joining Valorlux?

After training as an engineer I started my career in Arcelor’s steel plant in Esch / Belval. Then I worked for the SNCT (Société nationale de contrôle technique) where I was in charge of Processes and Projects.

Besides, I am a strong supporter of the process of continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is first of all a state

What do you perceive as the challenges you will have to take up?

Valorlux is capitalizing on the good work done over the past two decades. But after more than 20 years of existence, every organization has to determine if it is still in line with the expectations of its customers and the market. Valorlux has to anticipate the changes it will have to face. The last few years good projects have emerged. In particular, the centralized management comes to my mind. Now it is up to me to best optimize the developed mechanisms in the interest of continuous improvement. The participatory approach is my tool of choice for this. I hope so for an active participation of all stakeholders of Valorlux.